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Normal Goes A Long Way
48: Surviving Human Trafficking with Keeya Vawar (Part 1)

Welcome to Season 4 of Normal Goes A Long Way! Season 4 will focus on stories of redemption, struggle, triumph, and more.

For Episode 48, Laura Fleetwood sat down with Keeya Vawar. She is a survivor expert, student of life, a wife and mother, and missionary. A powerful voice of hope in a growing ecosystem of despair, her motivation and passion for youth and women of all ages is inextricably linked to her own story of hardship and survival against insurmountable odds.

As an author, speaker, and advocate, she connects viscerally with audiences, and is known for her uncanny ability to help others make real emotional connections with otherwise obscure realities. Her current work is centered on advocacy in collaboration with organizations that rescue women and children from the sex trafficking industry.

Black Girls are disproportionately ‘at risk’ of being trafficked in the United States and their stories often go untold for reasons far more complicated than mere reporting, or statistical oversight. Keeya was lured with the opportunity to escape the abusive and tumultuous home life and faced with the prospect of meeting some of the biggest and most influential names in the music industry. She was exploited for years at the hands of many traffickers. With her book, One Thousand Elsewhere: A True Survivor Story, she broke her silence and gives the reader a seat to the table of her story. One Thousand Elsewhere: A True Survivor Story is available today in the Kindle, Paperback, and Hard Copy formats on Amazon.

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month and National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is recognized each year on January 11th. Two sources you can check out are Blue Campaign and The U.S. Department of State.

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