Normal Goes A Long Way
Normal Goes A Long Way
34: Faith-Filled Parenting: How To Talk To Your Kid About Death

Jill asked Hannah Lang and Laura Fleetwood to be a part of this new series about Faith-Filled Parenting. Hannah is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Messiah St. Charles. Laura is Jill’s spiritual mentor and mom to two teenage daughters. Hannah will tackle the elementary age (birth-5th grade) and Laura Fleetwood will tackle the secondary age (6th-12th grade).

Resources from Hannah:

*Scripture referenced: Revelation 21:1-5 and Revelation 21:18-25 and Isaiah 11:6-9

*A great podcast episode you can listen to with your kids:

*Article: The Truth about Talking to your Children About Loss

*Recommended books –

Goodbye to Goodbyes by Lauren Chandler

Heaven is a Wonderful Place by Joanne Marxhausen

Remembering My Someone Special: Grieving Journal for Kids by Jane Wilke

I Will Not Be Afraid  by Michelle Medlock Adams

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