Normal Goes A Long Way
Normal Goes A Long Way
33: Faith-Filled Parenting For Normal People

In Episode 32: How Do You Parent Through A Faith Lens?, Jill Devine expressed her concern about parenting through a Faith lens and how you tackle certain topics with your child, while incorporating your Faith into the conversation.

Jill asked Hannah Lang and Laura Fleetwood to be a part of this new series about Faith-Filled Parenting. Hannah is the Director of Children’s Ministry at Messiah St. Charles. Laura is Jill’s spiritual mentor and mom to two teenage daughters. Hannah will tackle the elementary age (birth-5th grade) and Laura Fleetwood will tackle the secondary age (6th-12th grade).

Highlights from the episode include:

*Equipping parents with lots of resources

*The Chistian version of something can come off subpar or cheesy

*Tap into your natural rhythms of the day

*God is big enough to handle our questions and we won’t scare Him away

*Stay away from a feeling of shame for yourself and your kids

*God is “doing the doing”

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