Ryan Pfendler and Jill Devine invited the next generation to sit down and chat about the faith of the next generation. Ivy Mueller and Maddie Davis are two private high school students who opened up to Ryan and Jill about their faith walk, what they want from adult ministry leaders, and what they want their parents to know and understand about them.

Ryan is the Director of Student & Young Adult Ministry at Messiah St. Charles. Ryan’s ministry believes that following Jesus is the way young people grow into the best version of themselves. He wants every teenager to belong to a community of faith where they can learn who Jesus is, and discover the purpose He has for them now and as they grow.

Highlights from the episode include:

*Switching from Public School to Private School

*Going from no faith experience to having it be constantly in your face

*The importance of connection and community

*Being brave and showing up

*Everyone is broken

*Not everyone at a Private School is a Christian

*An explanation of Chapel

*Wanting and needing adults to listen

*Being able to relate to Christian leaders

*What it’s like to be a “P.K.”

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