With Easter approaching, one of the hardest questions we have to ask ourselves is why did Jesus have to die? Laura Fleetwood invited Dr. David McDonald on the podcast to ask him this hard question and get his perspective.

David is a pastor, teacher, and lecturer in colleges and seminaries all over the world. His work with Westwinds Community Church has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. David was appointed to the first-ever post-doctoral fellowship at George Fox Evangelical Seminary, and continues to integrate spiritual truth with sharp social analysis in his private work as a speculative theologian. In 2019, David founded the Fossores Chapter House, the world’s first headquarters for Christian ministerial innovation, where preachers, leaders, and entrepreneurs gather from all over the world to do their best work.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • David’s personal and professional study of Jesus and what he continues to learn about Him
  • Jesus as a carpenter, handyman, and general contractor
  • Our different experiences and impressions of Jesus
  • Jesus’ Ministry
  • The “temple tantrum”
  • The exposure of politics and religion in Jesus’ death
  • Atonement Theology
  • What if He lived for another 50 years?
  • His story and Spirit is still living on through each one of us

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