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10: (Part 1) How To Read The Bible Well With Dr. Stephen Burnhope

The Bible is the next topic the Normal Goes A Long Way team has chosen to discuss as part of Jill Devine’s faith journey. Laura Fleetwood asked Dr. Stephen Burnhope to share his knowledge about the Bible. Dr. Burnhope received a Master of Arts degree in biblical interpretation from The London School of Theology before completing a PhD in systematic theology at King’s College London. He was formerly Senior Pastor of Aylesbury Vineyard Church in the UK and is currently a writer, speaker and church consultant, especially within the Vineyard movement. Dr. Burnhope is the author of  “How to Read the Bible Well: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How To Love It (Again)”: 

“How to Read the Bible Well” takes on the big questions about the Bible that we’ve always wanted to ask. What do people mean when they say it’s the Word of God? In what way, exactly? How can an ancient world text be offering supposedly timeless truths? Can we really take what “the Bible says” as authoritative for life today? Isn’t it obviously sexist and outdated? Do we have to believe in Adam and Eve, and the world being made in six days? Why did God command genocide in the Old Testament? Are people really going to burn in hell for eternity? Why is there evil and suffering in the world? And, how can we explain the Big Story of the Bible, from cover to cover, in ways that will make sense to people today? Stephen Burnhope suggests there are very good answers to all of these questions and more–once we know how to read the Bible well! 

In this episode, Laura and Dr. Burnhope begin the conversation about how to read the Bible.

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