Normal Goes A Long Way
Normal Goes A Long Way
57: Mental Health Struggles - Anxiety, Burnout, and Panic with Christy Boulware

Laura Fleetwood sat down with Christy Boulware to talk about mental health struggles. Laura and Christy met because of a shared experience with anxiety. Both experienced dark moments in their lives due to anxiety and both women want to help others understand anxiety does not define who you are.

A little bit about Christy:

I am first a passionate follower of Christ, wife to a hunky man named Troy, and mom of three beautiful children. I am a women’s ministry leader and female Christian author with a deep desire to set as many free from the chains of fear and anxiety as possible. I founded and led the not-for-profit organization Fearless Unite (formally Fearless Women). Through conferences, retreats, Bible studies, devotionals, and a depression & anxiety blog, I dream of drastically decreasing the alarming statistics of fear and anxiety in our world.

Highlights from the episode include:

*Laying down superwoman tendencies and discovering how to fully surrender to a trustworthy God.

*Stopping anxiety before it starts by recognizing smoke alarms.

*Understanding categories of people that are safe to share your anxiety struggle with.

*Learning why the presence of fear does not mean your faith is weak.

*Discovering where science complements God’s Word to achieve a balanced approach for overcoming anxiety.

Christy’s book, “Nervous Breakthrough”, will teach you how to overcome fear and anxiety in a world that feeds it. You can order it now through her website or Amazon.

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