Normal Goes A Long Way
Normal Goes A Long Way
54: A Widower's Advice On Living Life To The Fullest with Brandon Janous (Part 3)

In this week’s episode, Part 3 of the conversation with Brandon Janous brings us to the present day. Since the initial conversation Jill Devine had with Brandon in 2021, a lot has happened in the Janous family, but one of the biggest things is the publication of Brandon’s first book, Just Do!. Here’s part of the introduction Brandon wrote for the book:

This wasn’t how I’d expected my first book to begin. To be honest, before Rachel got sick, I’d already written much of what you’ll read if you keep going. And for the most part, it’s not sad. I had no intention of making you cry or bringing you to tears. Actually, what I’d written before cancer was fun, exciting, joyful, funny, and all the other feel-good words. But then life happened. Life has a way of doing that. It just happens. It would be easy for you to read that opening passage and think that you’ve stumbled upon a book full of pain and sorrow. But I’m here to assure you that what you’ll find in the following pages isn’t that. Yes, we lost Rachel. Yes, I’m going to spend some time talking about that season because she deserves to be talked about, and her story deserves to be told. Yes, it’s sad and hard and may not make sense most days. But what you’re not going to find is a book about death or dying. That’s not what this is. That’s not what Rachel would have wanted. It’s not littered with stories from the hospital or the cancer center. It could be because there were so many beautiful lessons during those days. But that’s not what this story is. It’s actually quite the opposite. This book is about living. It’s about loving. It’s about doing. Because that’s what Rachel chose to do every single moment of every single day. She lived. She loved. And even as she was dying, she continued to do. My hope for this book is that through sharing more of our families’ stories, you choose to live and love a little differently going forward.

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