Normal Goes A Long Way
Normal Goes A Long Way
17: Two Pastors Discuss The Resurrection Of Jesus

Dr. David McDonald and Pastor Jim Mueller returned this week to provide their perspective on the Resurrection of Jesus. David and Jim are great friends and in this episode, you will be entertained by their stories of one another. In addition, you’ll be impressed with how they are able to present their knowledge of scripture in a very normal and relatable way.

Jim is the Lead Pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Missouri.

In 2019, David founded the Fossores Chapter House, the world’s first headquarters for Christian ministerial innovation, where preachers, leaders, and entrepreneurs gather from all over the world to do their best work.

Highlights from the episode include:

*Exploring Jesus

*The point of life 

*What does an abundant life look like?

*As Pastors, they have the same questions as you

*Death is not the end of our story

*Grief and celebration at the same time

*Supernatural feelings

*The Resurrection of Jesus is happening within you now

*The advice the Pastors have for you this Easter 

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